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    Your life is too short to spend your free time cleaning and ironing. You deserve to spend your free time doing the things you love.

    Let us help you by telling us what you need. Whether it is 2 or 3 hours cleaning per week (with or without ironing) or an One-Off Spring clean - just give us a call on 0117 911 5150 and we'll arrange it for you.

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What is a standard home clean?

The  standard clean you can expect from one of the cleaners that we provide to you for your Bristol home will be:

1. Whole of kitchen cleaned consisting of work surfaces, sink, floor. The floor being hovered first and then mopped.

2. Whole of bathroom cleaned, which will include the mirrors, taps, floor.

3. The whole of the house cleaned; dusted through and then vacuumed through out, and then polished.

Sometimes if you are not using the whole of your house we may suggest that the main living rooms are cleaned regularly and the other rooms on rotation. This will save you money but still ensure that your house is kept up to a standard cleanliness.

For things like the oven cleaned we would recommend getting it professionally cleaned by our sister company OvenGleamers (01275 370571) and then after that asking the cleaner to keep on top of it by incorporating it into her regular clean.



Finding a Cleaner – The Pitfalls Part Four

Finding a cleaner – the Pitfalls Part Four:
Who supplies the cleaning products? There is often an ongoing battle of wills between different cleaning companies on the ‘value’ of providing cleaning products! There are 2 schools of thought:
1. If the company/cleaner supplies the equipment, cleaning cloths and products – are they ones you like, are clean cloths used at each property and is the equipment cleaned between homes to stop the carriage of dirt or animal hairs from one place to another?
2. If the client provide everything (yes you have to shop for it occasionally) then you choose the products you like, only your cloths and equipment is used in your home so no transference issues and your home will smell (or not) as you like it.
Cleaners Bristol – Home Cleaners Bristol offers clients the choice – most clients provide their own equipment and products.

Personally I like certain products and hate others and have had cleans by other companies in the past when I have come home and my house has been full of chemical smells – in fact I think they just sprayed the whole house with product and forgot to clean!!! I was not impressed.

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Finding A Cleaner – The Pitfalls Part Three

Finding a cleaner – the Pitfalls Part Three:
Not checking if they can clean! Ask the cleaner to come and do a trial clean for you before committing to a longer service. If you find they are not up to your standard, it’s then very difficult to change your mind and ask a cleaner not to return if you have agreed an ongoing cleaning service with them. You are entitled to do that of course but it’s uncomfortable to do.
Cleaners Bristol – Home Cleaners Bristol have all prospective cleaners carry out a trial clean in our home – that way we can be absolutely sure what their abilities are and can give that cleaners guidance if necessary too should they need it.

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Finding A Cleaner The Pitfalls Part Two

Finding a cleaner – the Pitfalls Part Two:
Failing to follow up references! We all do it – we meet a person, like them and always see the good in them – but do we really know them at first meeting? NO. Ask a prospective cleaner for references – check them out – do not just accept handwritten or photocopied references – follow them up – they may have written them themselves or got a friend to do it (yes this really does happen – A LOT).
Home Cleaners Bristol gain at least 2 verbal and 2 written references on each prospective cleaner – we have to be careful with the team that we have – we need to be sure that they are honest, trustworthy, reliable and suitable for cleaning work.
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